The Department of Statistics Featured Alumni

Where did our graduates land after graduation?

A - D

Neelima Aitha
Employed: Info USA, Omaha

Jeremy Bergmann
Employed: First National Bank, Omaha NE

Jennifer Beyer
Employed: Wake Forest University Medical Center

Kurt Brumbaugh
Employed: Kellogg's

Tracy Brush
Employed: Senior Analyst in Financial Systems Development for Union Pacific

George A. Capuano Graduated 5/98
Employed: Last known to be a graduate student in the Dept. of Statistics at North Carolina State University.

Padmaja Chiruvolu
Employed: Consultant Statistician at Knoll Pharmaceuticals

Dan Christensen
Employed: National Research Corporation

Elizabeth Claassen
Employed: JMP

John Clausen
Employed: W. L. Gore & Associates in Flagstaff, AZ .

Roger Collins
Employed: Working for Pharmaceutical Research Association In Kansas City, KS as a statistician.

Carol Crawford
Employed: National Center for Environmental Health, CDC,

Steve Cross
Employed: Metro Mail as a Statistical/Analylist.

Brad Danner
Employed: MDSPharma Services

Prabhakar Dhungana
Employed: Monsanto

Matt Dudden
Employed: Exempla Health System in Denver, CO as a Clinical Statistical Analyst. He designs, implements, analyzes, presents and makes recommendations on studies relevant to hospital operations and patient care.

E - J

Kalyani Edara
Employed: Harris Labs in Lincoln, NE as a statistician.

Pamela Fellers
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA

Brian Fergen
Employed: Statistician at Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc

Brett Foley
Employed: Psychometrician at Alpine Testing Solutions, Inc.

Shawna Fox
Employed: MDS Pharma Services

Martin Frenzel
Employed: Eli Lilly

Charles Gardner, Jr.
Employed: Statistician at the Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Psychiatric & Genetics in Richmond, VA.

Scott Grau Graduated in 5/95
Employed: Prism Business Media in Minneapolis, MN. as a Market Research Manager.

Jennifer Green
Employed: Asst. Prof. of Statistics, Montana State Univ.

Mike Green
Employed: USDA

Haifeng Guo
Employed: Biostatistician: Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation

Driss Hadarbach
Employed: Centre Regional de la Recherche Agronomique de Setat as a statistician.

Alan Hartford
Employed: Merck in Rahway, NJ

Ping HE
Employed: University of Massachusetts Medical School

Tisha Hooks
Employed: Assistant Professor of Statistics for the Department of Math & Statistics at Winona State University.

Scott Isom
Employed: Wake Forest Medical Center

Anil Jayaprahash
Employed: Analyst for Experian

Hong Jiang
Employed: Data Analyst for Douglas County Health Department.

Shuo Jiao
Employed: Biostatistician at the Health Equity Labs, San Francisco Area, CA

David Johnson
Employed: Target Stores, Minneapolis, MN.

K - N

Valerie Karle Graduated 5/94
Employed: Pfizer Inc., PfizerAnimal Health Group, Clinical Development in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

Adrian Katschke
Employed: Indiana University-Purdue

Phil Kaus
Employed: Center for Agriculture and Rural Development at Iowa State University as a Research Scientiest II.

Anabayan Kessavalou
Employed: Biostatistician in Nutrition and Consumer Sector for Monsanto, St.Louis.

Steve Kirby
Employed: MDS Pharma Services

Dean Kjar
Employed: Currently unknown

Angie Knuth
Employed: MDS Pharma Services

Stephanie Kollipara
Employed: MDS Pharma Services ext. 3315

Kelly Kuzel
Employed: Mutual of Omaha, Omaha NE

Jason Lamprecht
Employed: USDA

Reid Landes
Employed: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Assistant Professor of biostatistics at the University of Arkansas for Medial Sciences.

Tricia Larson
Employed: Boston Scientific

Bixia Liang
Employed: Global 450 Consortium; College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) State University of New York at Albany Albany, NY

Mark Liu
Employed: Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Morg

Shiyao Liu (Mark)
Employed: Research Scientist-Biostatistician in the Pharmacokinetics Department for Mylan Pharmaceutical Inc. in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Jihyun Ma
Employed: Nebraska Health and Human Services, Lincoln NE

Sadayappan (Mari) Mariappan
Employed: Monsanto - Statistician

Karl Miller
Employed: MDS Pharma Services

Wei Ming
Employed: Statistical Analyst at Infogroup

Channa Mudalige
Employed: Quintiles in Lenexa, KS as a bio-statistician.

Padmashri Muralidhar
Employed: ACTON Marketing

Sandy Murphy Graduated 5/95.
Employed: Biostatistician for Milwaukee Medical School of Wisconsin, in the Department of Biostatistics.

Rebecca Neiberg
Employed: Wake Forest University School of Medicine Biostatistician

Natalie Nelsen
Employed: Action Inc., Lincoln NE

Peter M. Nyangweso
Employed: Clinical Biostatistician, Raleigh-Durham, NC

O - S

Ann L. Oberg
Employed: Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN

Mark Oedekoven
Employed: Reserch Statistician with Cargill Grain Co. Minneapolis,MN.

Eduardo Parra Graduated 5/98.
Employed: CallePaso Real Quinta Araguaney as a statistician.

Linda Pavlish
Employed: Improvement at Nebraska Methodist Health Systems. Title - Mgr - Health Information Systems.

Jennifer Pettersen
Employed: Cabela's Sporting Goods, Sidney NE

Erfan Pirbhai
Employed: Managing Director of Business Analytics at Experis

Alejandro Plastina
Employed: Economist, International Cotton Advisory Board, Washington D.C.

Yongyue Qi
Employed: Douglas County Health Department, Omaha NE

Michelle Quinlan
Employed: Sr. Principal Biostatistician at Novartis Oncology

Justin Recknor
Employed: Research Scientist at Lilly .

Beth Reinbolt
Employed: Harris Labs in Lincoln, NE as a statistician.

Luke Reinbolt
Employed: MDS Pharma Services

Laura Sather
Employed: Assistant Professor at St. Cloud State University

Rich Schiefelbein Graduated 5/95.
Employed: Pharmaceutical Research Association In Kansas City, KS.

Kendra Schmid
Employed: Assistant Professor, UNMC, Omaha NE

Beaman Senecal
Employed: Actuarial Assistant at Security Lift Insurance

Melanie Sisler
Employed: Marketing Statistician for Cabela's

Jeanette Stafford
Employed: Biostatistician III, Wake Forest University Health Sciences

Leanna Stork
Employed: Monsanto

T - Z

Chenguang Wang
Employed: Asst. Prof. Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins Univ

Yi Wang
Employed: Research Statistician, Abbott Labs, Chicago IL

Jackie Wroughton
Employed: Asst. Professor, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights KY

Ming Xuan
Employed: Sprint, Overland Park KS

Xiangjun Xue
Employed: MDS Pharma Services

Kent (Yuelong) Yang
Employed: Vice President of DECC Management, Societe Generale, New York City

Kent (Yuelong) Yang
Employed: Senior Vice President SVP / Portfolio Management at CitiBank, New York City

Dan Yardley
Employed: Risk Analyst at Household Credit Services in Salinas, California.

Boan Zhang
Employed: Sr. Scientist, Merck Pharmaceuticals

Qingwen Zhao
Employed: Eli Lilly Corporation in Indianapolis, IN. as a Biostatistician for the com

Meijian Zhou
Employed: iCardiac Technologies, Inc. New London, CT