SC3L Statistical Cross-disciplinary Collaboration and Consulting Lab

***Notice*** (Updated as of July 31, 2020)

The SC3L is not accepting new clients between July 31 and August 16. We are taking these two weeks to attend the virtual Joint Statistical Meetings and prepare our new COVID-19 protocols and procedures for Fall 2020. It is our hope to try and have in-person meetings available soon, but while we figure out exactly what that will look like, the SC3L will have remote meetings through at least the end of August.

Please keep up to date with this webpage for information about our schedule and when/if we will be offering in-person meetings.

While we are not having initial meetings with new clients, please still go ahead and fill out our Google Form (link below) with detailed project descriptions along with your contact information. We will be screening this page and reaching out individually to prospective new clients in order to potentially offer assistance based on specific timelines.

Need statistical help?

Statistical Cross-disciplinary Collaboration and Consulting Lab (SC3L)

To set up an appointment, please fill out the form at the following link:

The SC3L is a free service available to students, faculty, and staff at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln who are in need of assistance with a Master’s thesis, a PhD dissertation, or faculty research. The desk is staffed 15-20 hours per week by advanced statistics graduate students who will work with you one-on-one to design experiments, conduct power analyses, summarize data, and conduct statistical analyses.

The SC3L does not provide assistance with homework, course projects, or comprehensive exams. We also do not provide SAS installations.

We strongly encourage all clients to contact us well in advance of any hard deadlines that they may have. Please be aware that wait times may be longer during peak times of the semester (the weeks leading up to Fall Break or Spring Break, and the weeks leading up to graduation deadlines and final exams). We will try to be responsive to deadlines; however, we work with multiple clients at any given time and all of our consultants have their own responsibilities as students and researchers. We are limited on the number of projects we can take on during a given semester. As a consequence, projects may enter a queue that will delay completion.

The SC3L is closed the week before classes start (for department orientation), during finals week and during all UNL student holidays/breaks.

Location: 1600 N 33rd Street – Hardin Hall North Wing – Room 346A

• If you enter the main building of Hardin Hall, the 3rd floor does not connect to the North Wing. You will have to go downstairs to the 1st or 2nd floor in order to get to the North Wing.

Hardin Hall's north hall, north of Holdredge and east of 33rd