Student Awards

Statistics Graduate Student Fellowship

Application can be found here

  • Jason Adams 2019
  • Brianna Hitt 2017
  • Dola Pathak 2016
  • Nadeeshani Jayasena 2015
  • Marina Ptukhina 2014

American Statistical Association's Statistical Computing and Graphics Student Paper Award

  • Emily A. Robinson 2022

Chancellor's Fellowship

Chancellor’s Fellowships are designed to assist departments with recruitment of graduate students for an assistantship.
  • Fei Sha 2018-2019

Othmer Fellowship

The Othermer Fellowship at UNL is for recruiting  exceptional scholars seeking their PhDs.
  • Gayara Demini Fernando Muthunama Gonnage 2018-2019
  • Ved Piyush 2018-2019

Holling Family Award for Teaching Excellence

The Holling Family Award is given by the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources to recognize outstanding teaching by TAs and faculty.
  • 2014: Elizabeth Claassen (STAT 802), Alumni, PhD 2014
  • 2012: Pamela Fellers (STAT 218), Alumni, PhD 2014

Parents’ Recognition Award

The UNL Parents Association awards TAs and faculty who have made a significant contribution toward a student’s education.
  • 2014: Pavel Chernyavskiy (STAT 380), Alumni, PhD 2015