Student Awards

Statistics Graduate Student Fellowship

  • Marina Ptukhina 2014 
  • Nadeeshani Jayasena 2015
  • Dola Pathak 2016
  • Brianna Hitt 2017
  • Jason Adams 2019

Holling Family Award for Teaching Excellence

The Holling Family Award is given by the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources to recognize outstanding teaching by TAs and faculty. Two Statistics TAs have won the award in the past three years – a huge achievement for the department!
2014: Elizabeth Claassen (STAT 802), PhD 2014.
2012: Pamela Fellers (STAT 218), PhD 2014

Parents’ Recognition Award

The UNL Parents Association awards TAs and faculty who have made a significant contribution toward a student’s education.
2014: Pavel Chernyavskiy (STAT 380), PhD 2015.

Schwab Wins Best Paper at JSM

Congratulations Aimee Schwab on winning the best paper award for Teaching Statistics in the Health Sciences at JSM this year! JSM (the Joint Statistical Meetings) is the largest gathering of statisticians held in North America, organized by the American Statistical Association. Learn More about JSM