How to obtain a SAS or JMP license?

New SAS/JMP Installs.

Faculty and Staff Licenses are $30.00 per license per computer.

If you have a MAC PC you will need parallel on your computer to install SAS or JMP, if you need to purchase paraelle it can be purchased through

 All Licesnes should be purchaed from Tiffany Bellows or Stacey Herceg.

We only accept the following payments N-Card, Checks, Exact Cash (we don't have change so it will need to be exact.) and Department Cost Center.

                                                   Payments should go to.                                                                        

Tiffany Bellows
Department of Statistics 
1600 N 33rd Street 
PO Box 830963
340 Hardin Hall NW 
Lincoln, NE 68583-0963
New SAS/JMP installs require an appointment with Steve.
Steve Westerholt
Department of Statistcs 
1600 N 33rd Street
342A Hardin Hall NW 
Lincoln, NE 68583-0963

Watch the video below for a walk through on how to renew your SAS license.