How to obtain a SAS or JMP license?

New SAS/JMP Installs.

Cash & Check: $65.00. You MUST bring exact change
Cost Object/Grant/NCard: $60.00. NCards must be enabled to be used for swipe payments.
JMP Genomics is not being carried by UNL anymore.

If you have a MAC PC you will need parallel on your computer to install SAS or JMP.

If you need to purchase Parallels it can be purchased through

 All Licenses should be purchased from Alison Reckewey.

We only accept the following payments N-Card, Checks, Exact Cash (we don't have change so it will need to be exact.) and Department Cost Center. WE DO NOT TAKE CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS. If using your NCard, it must be enabled to be used as a debit card already. 

Mailed Payments should go to:

Alison Reckewey

Department of Statistics 

3310 Holdrege St

340 Hardin Hall North

Lincoln, NE 68583-0963



New SAS/JMP installs require an appointment with Steve.

Steve Westerholt

Department of Statistics 

1600 N 33rd Street

342A Hardin Hall NW 

Lincoln, NE 68583-0963


Watch the video below for a walk through on how to renew your SAS license.