Computational Statistics

Computational statistics includes research in areas such as temporal data analysis and decisions, image processing and analysis, artificial intelligence and deep learning, and visualization.

UNL faculty involved in computational statistics:

  • Christopher Bilder: R software, computational statistics
  • Sanjay Chaudhuri: Bayesian computation, numerical optimization, machine learning, computation for high-dimensional data
  • Bertrand Clarke: data mining and machine learning, statistical techniques for complex or high-dimensional data
  • Jennifer Clarke: statistical computation, bioinformatics/computational biology, multi-type data analysis, data mining/machine learning
  • Souparno Ghosh: bioinfomatics and developing inferential methods for machine learning models
  • Xueheng Shi: statistical computing, high-dimensional statistics, machine learning
  • Susan VanderPlas: statistical graphics, computer vision, human perception, machine learning, and statistical computing