May 2021:

Leave the flagstick in or take it out while putting?

The Nebraska Today published an article on Chris Bilder's new statistical research paper on whether to leave the flagstick in or take it out of the hole when putting in golf.

July 2020:

Group testing used to increase laboratory capacity for COVID-19 testing

Chris Bilder was called upon by multiple news media outlets, including ABC News, The New York Times, and the Omaha World-Herald, to provide expertise on the use of group testing (a.k.a., pooled testing) to efficiently test specimens for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that leads to COVID-19.

August 2019:


For the presentation "Strategies for pooling in array testing configurations with multiplex assays," Chris Bilder won the American Statistical Association's Statistical Significance Poster Award at the Joint Statistical Meetings. This award is given by the Scientific and Public Affairs Advisory Committee to recognize novel statistical research that makes a significant contribution to society.

August 2018:


For the paper entitled “Hierarchical group testing for multiple infections,” Chris Bilder was given the Best Paper in Biometrics by an International Biometric Society Member Award for 2017. Also for the same paper, Bilder was given the American Statistical Association’s Outstanding Statistical Application Award for 2018. This is the second time in the last four years that Bilder has won this particular award. 

August 2016:

Fellow of the American Statistical Association

Chris Bilder was made a Fellow of the American Statistical Association during a ceremony at the Joint Statistical Meetings on August 2nd. The corresponding press release is available at The citation associated with the award was "For influential contributions in categorical data analysis and group testing methods; for leadership in the field of statistics education, especially the innovative use of computer technology; and for extensive departmental and ASA service."

The Department of Statistics has now had one of its faculty members made a Fellow in each of the last three years (Bertrand Clarke in 2014, Erin Blankenship in 2015) leading to four current faculty being Fellows (includes Walt Stroup in 2008). Overall, less than 1/3 of 1% of all American Statistical Association members become Fellows each year.

August 2015:

Milton Mohr Fellowships

Congratulations to Julie Couton, Nadeeshani Jayasena, Dola Pathak, and Marina Ptukina for being awarded Milton Mohr Fellowships! This fellowship is awarded to Graduate Teaching Assistants for excellence in teaching at UNL.

March 2015:

Q&A with UNL’s Director of Computational Sciences Initiative " by Jennifer Clarke

Dr. Jennifer Clarke's interview

Dr. Jennifer Clarke was interviewed by the American Statistical Association on what her current projects and her academic background

December 2014:

Women flocking to statistics, the newly hot, high-tech field of data science

Dr. Erin Blankenship along with Marina Ptukhina, Aimee Schwab and Dola Pathak were interviewed for a Washington Post article on the rapid growth of women pursuing careers in statistics. Learn More about Women in Statistics

August 2014:

Bert Clarke recognized as ASA Fellow

For significant contributions to statistical theory and methodology in Bayesian inference, blending statistics with information theory to address applications in machine learning and large-scale data analysis, and for editorial service to the profession. ASA Fellows are members of established reputation who have made outstanding contributions in some aspect of statistical work. Given annually, this is a great honor, as the number of recipients is limited to no more than one-third of 1% of the ASA membership. Learn more about ASA Fellows

Chris Bilder receives Outstanding Statistical Application Award

The Award of Outstanding Statistical Application is awarded to Joshua M. Tebbs, Christopher S. McMahan, and Christopher R. Bilder for their seminal work on classification and estimation for multiple infections in group testing procedures. Their paper, titled "Two-Stage Hierarchical Group Testing for Multiple Infections with Application to the Infertility Prevention Project," was published in Biometrics in 2013. Learn more about this award.

Erin Blankenship and Jennifer L. Green win Jackie Dietz Best JSE Paper Award

To Jennifer L. Green and Erin Blankenship for their paper "Primarily Statistics: Developing an Introductory Statistics Course for Pre-service Elementary Teachers." This award is given annually to the best paper among all those appearing in the Journal of Statistics Education (JSE) in a given year. The 2014 Best JSE Paper Award is given this year in honor of Jackie Deitz for her contributions to Statistics Education. Learn more about the Jackie Dietz Best JSE Paper Award.

Schwab Wins Best Paper at JSM

Congratulations Aimee Schwab on winning the best paper award for Teaching Statistics in the Health Sciences at JSM this year! JSM (the Joint Statistical Meetings) is the largest gathering of statisticians held in North America, organized by the American Statistical Association. Learn More about JSM

August 2013:

Brianna Bright and Julia Soulakova were honored by the ASA Survey Research Methods Section at the Joint Statistical Meetings with the Best Poster Presentation Award. The title of their poster was "On Simultaneous Interval Estimating the Relative Prevalence of Forward Shifting in Reported Regular Smoking Initiation Age."