Faculty Awards and Recognition


Bertrand Clarke named Fellow of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis.

Kathy Hanford received the Holling Family Teaching Excellence Award: Sustained Excellence in Teaching and Learning on May 6, 2022. This Award recognizes exceptional teaching and extension in IANR and NCTA.


Chris Bilder is the PI for a 5-year, $2.2M renewal of NIH grant R01AI121351. The purpose of the grant is to develop new algorithmic approaches for infectious disease testing, including for COVID-19.

Kathy Hanford and Walt Stroup received the ‘Presidential Award' from the American Society of Agronomy for dedication and service as NCC-170 and Experimental Station Statisticians and their enduring impact on our society.


Jennifer Clarke received the 'Distinguised Alumni Award for Cross-Disciplinary Research' from the National Institue of Statistical Sciences.

Ruizhi Zhang received 1st place for the Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award" from the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE)

Bertrand Clarke, Jennifer Clarke, and Saeid Amiri rank in Top 10 Most Read Articles for their paper Clustering Categorical Data via Ensembling Dissimilarity Matrices (2018), in the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics.

Bertrand Clarke named `Senior Member' of the Institiute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.


Chris Bilder received the 'Statistical Significance Poster Award' from the American Statistical Association.

Erin Blankenshireceived the ‘Best Contributed JSM Presentation Award’ from the Section on Teaching Statistics in the Health Sciences, American Statistical Association.

Bertrand Clarke was named Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

Walt Stroup received the Outstanding Teaching and Instructional Creativity Award’ (OTICA) from the University of Nebraska.


Chris Bilder received the 'Outstanding Statistical Application' award from the American Statistical Association for his paper Hierarchical Group Testing for Multiple Infections.

Bertrand and Jennifer Clarke published their book entitled Predictive Statistics.

Kent Eskridge won the ‘Best Paper Award’ among all papers on sampling theory from the Indian Journal of Agricultural Statistics.

Steve Kachman received the ‘Research Award of Merit’ from Gamma Sigma Delta.


Chris Bilder received the Best Paper in Biometrics award from the International Biometric Society for his paper 'Hierarchical group testing for multiple infections'.

Erin Blankenship received the ‘Outstanding Teaching and Instructional Creativity Award’ (OTICA) from the University of Nebraska.

Walt Stroup published the 3rd edition of SAS for Mixed Models.

Walt Stroup published the 2nd edition of his GLMM textbook.


Chris Bilder was named Fellow of the American Statistical Association.

Chris Bilder is PI on a 4-year NIH R01 grant entitled 'Group testing for infectious disease detection'.

Erin Blankenship received the ‘College Distinguished Teaching Award’ from the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Steve Kachman was awarded the ‘Continuing Service Award’ by the Beef Improvement Federation.

Yuzhen Zhou is PI on a 1 year grant entitled  `Models for NASA CMS Study’.


Chris Bilder published  a book entitled Analysis of Categorical Data with R.

Erin Blankenship was named Fellow of the American Statistical Association.

Kent Eskridge is PI on an 8 year grant through the Department of Education to provide graduate students with the opportunity to receive the highest possible degree in a field of national need.