Statistical Software Development

Several of our statistics faculty and students are active in developing statistical software packages.

  • binGroup: an R package providing methods for estimation and hypothesis testing of proportions in group testing designs; by Boan Zhang (2012 PhD graduate), Chris Bilder, Brad Biggerstaff, Frank Schaarschmidt.
  • Hysteresis: an R package to fit, summarize, and plot sinusoidal hysteretic processes; by Spencer Maynes (PhD student), Fan Yang (PhD student), and Anne Parkhurst.
  • MRCV: an R package providing functions for analyzing the association between one single response categorical variable (SRCV) and one multiple response categorical variable, or between two or three MRCVs; by Natalie Koziol (PhD candidate in the Quantitative, Qualitative, and Pyschometric Methods Program, Statistics M.S. graduate) and Chris Bilder.