Stephen D Kachman

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Emeritus Professor
Areas of Expertise: Mixed Linear Models, Plant and Animal Breeding and Genetics, Bioinformatics, Statistical Computing

My research is focused on the development and application of statistical methodology in the area of statistical genomics. Currently I’m working on methodology on incorporating genomic information, primarily in the form of SNP genotypes, into national beef cattle evaluation (Matthew Spangler, Department of Animal Science).

The statistical methodology development includes extensions based on generalized linear mixed models and Bayesian models. Other projects include genomics of swine reproduction (Daniel Ciobanu, Department of Animal Science, UNL), modeling of the host genetics influence of their gut microbial communities (Andrew Benson, Department of Food Science and Technology, UNL), genetic components of biological responses to stress (Lawrence Harshman, School of Biological Sciences, UNL), and statistical models for the evaluation of teachers and programs (Walter Stroup, Department of Statistics, UNL). I also provide statistical assistance in the design and analysis for both faculty and graduate students at UNL.

Selected Publications:
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