Kent M. Eskridge

Portrait of Kent Eskridge

Areas of Expertise: Design of Experiments, Biological modeling, Statistical consulting

Research Interests:
Design of Experiments:  I am interested in the design and analysis of experiments. Recently I have been most interested in the properties and applications of (1) supersaturated split-plot designs and (2) confounded factorial conjoint choice experiments in consumer preference. I am also quite interested in working with researchers in other disciplines in developing and applying new ideas of design and analysis to their research. My most recent teaching duties in this area are (1) Advanced Design of Experiments (Stat 902) and (2) Theory of Design of Experiments (Stat 904).

Biological modeling:  I am interested in development of statistical and mathematical approaches in modeling complex biological systems. Recently I have been most interested in the properties and applications of (1) spline-enhanced differential equations as applied to pharmacokinetics and pharmacokinetics and (2)  structural equation modeling as applied to composite interval gene mapping and in the analysis of gene-environment interaction. My most recent teaching duties in this area are (1) Applied Multivariate (Stat 873) Statistics and (2) Theory of Multivariate Statistics (Stat 973).

Statistical consulting:  I aid researchers from a wide range of fields with the design and analysis of their experiments. The majority of work is in the biological sciences.

Selected Publications:

Eskridge, K. M., Gilmour, S. G., & Posadas, L. G. (2019). Group screening for rare events based on incomplete block designs. Biotechnology progress, 35(2).

Li, M., Eskridge, K., Liu, E., & Wilkins, M. (2019). Enhancement of polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) production by 10-fold from alkaline pretreatment liquor with an oxidative enzyme-mediator-surfactant system under Plackett-Burman and central composite designs. Bioresource technology, 281, 99-106.

Li, M., Eskridge, K. M., & Wilkins, M. R. (2019). Optimization of polyhydroxybutyrate production by experimental design of combined ternary mixture (glucose, xylose and arabinose) and process variables (sugar concentration, molar C: N ratio). Bioprocess and biosystems engineering, 1-12.

Miller, J. J., Schepers, J. S., Shapiro, C. A., Arneson, N. J., Eskridge, K. M., Oliveira, M. C., & Giesler, L. J. (2018). Characterizing soybean vigor and productivity using multiple crop canopy  sensor readings. Field crops research, 216, 22-31.

Jurado, N. V., Eskridge, K. M., Kachman, S. D., & Lewis, R. M. (2018). Using a Bayesian Hierarchical  Linear Mixing Model to Estimate Botanical Mixtures. Journal of Agricultural, Biological and  Environmental Statistics, 23(2), 190-207.

Yuan, B., Lu, M., Eskridge, K. M., & Hanna, M. A. (2018). Valorization of hazelnut shells into natural antioxidants by ultrasound‐assisted extraction: Process optimization and phenolic composition identification. Journal of food process engineering, 41(5), e12692.

Rafsanjani, H. N., Ahn, C. R., & Eskridge, K. M. (2018). Understanding the recurring patterns of  occupants' energy-use behaviors at entry and departure events in office buildings. Building and environment, 136, 77-87.

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Farmaha, B. S., Eskridge, K. M., Cassman, K. G., Specht, J. E., Yang, H., & Grassini, P. (2016).  Rotation impact on on-farm yield and input-use efficiency in high-yield irrigated maize–soybean  systems. Agronomy Journal, 108(6), 2313-2321.

Stephenson, M. B., Schacht, W. H., Volesky, J. D., Eskridge, K. M., & Bauer, D. (2015). Time of  grazing effect on subsequent-year standing crop in the Eastern Nebraska Sandhills. Rangeland ecology  & management, 68(2), 150-157.

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