Istvan Ladunga

Emeritus Professor
Areas of Expertise: Computational Biology (Bioinformatics), Biostatistics, Epigenetics, Optimization, Machine Learning

Selected Publications:
Bailey, T, Krajewski, P, Ladunga, I, Lefebvre, C., Li, Q, Liu, T., Madrigal, P, Taslim, C., Zhang, J. (2013) Practical Guidelines for the Comprehensive Analysis of ChIP-seq data. PLoS Comp. Biol. 2013 Nov;9(11):e1003326. doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003326.

Brueggeman AJ, Gangadharaiah DS, Cserhati MF, Casero M, Weeks DP, Ladunga I. (2012) Activation of the carbon concentrating mechanism by CO2 deprivation coincides with massive transcriptional restructuring in Chlamydomonas… Plant Cell, 4(5):1860-75.

Fang W, Si Y, Douglass S, Casero D, Merchant, SS, Pellegrini M, Ladunga I, Liu P, Spalding MH. (2012) Genome-wide Changes in Chlamydomonas Gene Expression Regulated by Carbon Dioxide and the Transcription Regulator ... Plant Cell, 4(5):1876-93.

Blanc G, .., Ladunga I, …, Weeks D, Yamada T, Claverie JM, Grigoriev I, van Etten J (2012) The genome of the polar eukaryotic microalga Coccomyxa subellipsoidea reveals traits of cold adaptation. Genome Biol., 13(5):R39.

Panda, D., …, Ladunga, I., Pattnaik, A.K. (2011) RNAi Screening Reveals A Requirement for Host Cell Secretory Pathway in Infection by Diverse Families of Negative-Strand RNA Viruses. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 108:19036-41.

Ruscher, K, .., Ladunga, I, Gisselsson, L, Toresson, H, Johansson, B, Helenius, A, Nikolich, K, Urfer, R, Wieloch, T. (2011) Sigma-1 receptor activation enhances brain plasticity and functional recovery after experimental stroke. Brain, 134:732-746.

Belch, Y, .. , Ladunga, I. (2010). Weakly positioned nucleosomes enhance the transcriptional competency of chromatin. PLoS One. 5(9):e12984.

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Ladunga I. (2010). An overview of the computational analyses and discovery of transcription factor binding sites. In: Ladunga, I. (ed.) Computational Biology of Transcription Factor Binding. pp. 1-22, Humana Press, New York.

Jiao S, Bailey CP, Zhang S, Ladunga I. (2010) Probabilistic peak calling and controlling false discovery rate estimations in transcription factor binding site mapping from ChIP-seq. . In: Ladunga, I. (ed.) Computational Biology of Transcription Factor Binding. pp. 161-77, Humana Press, New York.

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Wang Y, Ladunga I, Miller AR, Horken KM, Plucinak T, Weeks DP, Bailey CP. (2008) The small ubiquitin-like modifier (SUMO) and SUMO-conjugating system of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Genetics, 179(1):177-192.

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Karlin S, Ladunga I and Blaisdell BE (1994). Heterogeneity of genomes: measures and values. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 91: 12837-12841.

Patents and Copyrights:
Ladunga I et al. (2000 - 2007) Over 100 patents on sequences of secreted proteins, filed by Celera Genomics Corp.

Ladunga I. Methods and Systems for the Identification of Protein Classes. Sole inventor, filed by SmithKline Beecham, Granted: Nov. 16, 1999, Patent Number: 5,987,390.

Muruganujan A; Guo N; Mi H; Rabkin S; Thomas PD; Diemer K; Kejariwal A; Ladunga I; et al.: A browsable database for biological use. 2004, Patent Number: WO2004053769.

Ladunga I, Smith RF and Wiese BA: FASTA-SWAP and FASTA-PAT: pattern database searches using combinations, 1996. Copyright.