Erin E Blankenship

Areas of Expertise: Nonlinear fixed- and mixed-effects models; ecological statistics; statistics education

Selected Publications:
Blankenship, E. E. and Stefanski, L. A. (2001) "Statistical Estimation of Ozone Exposure Metrics,'" Atmospheric Environment, 35: 4499--4510.

Blankenship, E. E., Perkins, M. W., and Johnson, R. J. (2002) "The Information Theoretic Approach to Model Selection: Description and Case Study," Proceedings of the 2002 Kansas State Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture, Manahattan, KS, pp. 62--76.

Knezevic, S. Z., Evans, S. P., Blankenship, E. E., VanAcker, R. C. and Lindquist, J. (2002) "Critical Period for Weed Control: The Concept and Data Analysis," Weed Science, 50: 773--786.

Blankenship, E. E., Stroup, W. W., Evans, S. P., and Knezevic, S. Z. (2004) "Statistical Inference for Calibration Points in Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models," Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics, 8: 455--468.

Perkins, M. W., Johnson, R. J., and Blankenship, E. E. (2003) "Response of Riparian Avifauna to Percentage and Pattern of Woody Cover in an Agricultural Landscape," Wildlife Society Bulletin, 31: 642-660.

Marcus, J. F., Dinan, J. J., Johnson, R. J., Blankenship, E. E., and Lackey, J. L. (2007) "Directing Nest Site Selection of Least Terns and Piping Plovers," Waterbirds, 30: 251-258.

Blankenship, E. E. and Young, L. J. (2007) "Simulating Size and Power Using a 10-Sided Die: Teaching with Data Simulations," CAUSEweb, Retrieved June 11, 2007 from (peer-reviewed activity published on CAUSEweb).

Puckett, H. L., Brandle, J. R., Johnson, R. J. and Blankenship, E. E. (2009) "Avian foraging patterns in crop field edges adjacent to woody habitat," Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment (in press).