Override Request Form


Submissions for this form are closed.

This form is temporarily unavailable. If you are requesting a permission code for a course, please contact the course instructor directly.

Please read Closely!

The Department of Statistics is reluctant to approve override requests while there are still open sections at other times. Please utilize available space unless it is impossible for you to take a course at the times that are available.

To request "Permission to Enter a Closed STATISTICS Course":

  1. Fill out the online form using the link below after you have read all the instructions.
  2. Upon submission the online form will AUTOMATICALLY be sent to our staff.
  3. Your request will be processed and notification will be given by email.
  4. Do not rely solely on the override request left with our department. Check Myred.unl.edu several times each day. You may find an acceptable section suddenly opens up.
  5. Please note: filling out this form does not guarentee a seat in a full class. We cannot provide overrides for every course due to classroom size limitations. 

If approved, the Department of Statistics will electronically authorize you to register for a section of the course you requested. You will be notified by e-mail if your request is granted. It will be your responsibility to use MyRed to add the course/section.


You should register as soon as possible for the course, section, and call number on the list.

The MyRed system will not accept a "permit to register" for a section if you are already registered in another section of the same course. If your request is approved and we find you are registered for another section of the same course, we will do one of the following: (1) we will drop you from that section if it is the section you authorized us to drop you from on your Request form and enter a "permit to register" for the approved course in your name with MyRed; or (2) we will assume you are satisfied with your Statistics registration and take no further action if you did not authorize us to drop you from that section. If you request is approved, then you must still register for the course through MyRed.

Request for Permission to Enter a Closed Statistics Course