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Below are some important links to learn about the statistics discipline and statistics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln! 
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  • UNL STAT 380 - Statistics and Applications - First semester statistics course for non-math majors; like an AP Statistics course and STAT 218, but with calculus
  • UNL STAT 870 - Multiple Regression Analysis - Investigate ways to model and predict data through regressions models (for example, predict the shelf life of a drug or food item for the FDA)
  • UNL STAT 873 - Applied Multivariate Statistics - Investigate ways to predict classifications of items (for example, classify an airline passenger as a terrorist or not) and look for ways to represent multivariate data in a smaller number of dimensions in order to graph it
  • UNL STAT 875 - Categorical Data Analysis - Investigate ways to model data which is categorical (qualitative) in nature (for example, model the relationship between gender, age, passenger vs. crew, survived vs. died on the Titanic)
  • UNL STAT 892 - Applied Time Series Analysis - Investigate how to model and predict data which is observed over time (for example, forecast future UNL student enrollment for spring and fall semesters and forecast sales for a company)
  • UNL STAT 950 - Bootstrap Methods and Their Application - Estimate a statistic's distribution through using computer intensive methods. 
  • OSU STAT 4091 - Statistical Analysis System - Introductory course on the SAS software system which is the most used software package by statisticians
  • OSU STAT 5091 - S Programming - A 1 credit hour readings course on how to use R and S-Plus statistical software packages.  Note that R is a completely FREE software package that has revolutionized what software people use for statistics.  Go to my software links at for the more information about how to obtain it!

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