Christopher Bilder

Christopher Bilder


Christopher Bilder

Areas of Expertise: Categorical data analysis, group testing, computational statistics, statistics education

Selected Publications:
Bilder, C. and Loughin, T. (2014). Analysis of Categorical Data with R. CRC Press.

Tebbs, J., McMahan, C., and Bilder, C. (2013). Two-stage hierarchical group testing for multiple infections with application to the Infertility Prevention Project. Biometrics 69, 1064-1073. (Winner of the American Statistical Association’s 2014 Outstanding Statistical Application Award)

Bilder, C., Tebbs, J., and Chen, P. (2010). Informative Retesting. Journal of the American Statistical Association 105, 942-955.

Bilder, C., Zhang, B., Schaarschmidt, F., and Tebbs, J. (2010). binGroup: A Package for Group Testing, The R Journal 2, 56-60.

Bilder, C. and Loughin, T. (2009). Modeling Multiple-Response Categorical Data from Complex Surveys. The Canadian Journal of Statistics 37, 553-570.

Bilder, C. and Loughin, T. (2004). Testing for Marginal Independence Between Two Categorical Variables with Multiple Responses. Biometrics 60, 241-248.

Tebbs, J. and Bilder, C. (2004). Confidence Interval Procedures for the Probability of Disease Transmission in Multiple-Vector-Transfer Designs. Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics 9, 75-90.