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Department of Statistics

Turning data into knowledge to solve real world problems

Statistics Course Listings

The University of Nebraska; Department of Statistics offers undergraduate courses which is designatedby course numbers from 200 to 500. Graduate level courses are numbered from 800 to 999.

Statistics 218  
Introduction to Statistics 
(3 credits)

Description:  Wide scope of topics in the practical application of statistical thinking to contemporary issues; collection and organization of data; probability distributions; statistical inference, estimation, and hypothesis testing.

Prerequisites:  MATH 100, MATH 101 or MATH 102 or equivalent
Credit towards the degree may be earned in only one of:: CRIM 300 or ECON 215 or EDPS 459/859 or SOCI 206 or STAT 380.

Course Offered:

Statistics 380  (Math 380)
Statistics and Applications
(3 credits)

Description:  Probability calculus; random variables, their probability distributions and expected values; t, F and chi-square sampling distributions; testing of hypothesis and regression analysis with applications.

Prerequisites:  MATH 107, MATH 107H
Credit towards the degree cannot be earned in STAT218 if taken after or taken parallel with STAT/MATH 380.

Course Offered:

Statistics 412
Introduction to Experimental Design
(3 credits)

Description:  Survey of elementary experimental designs and their analysis completely randomized, randomized block, factorial, and split-plot designs.

Prerequisites: STAT 380 or Permission.

Course Offered: 

Statistics 414
Introduction to Survey Sampling
(3 credits)

Description:  Sampling techniques: simple random sampling, proportions, estimation of sample size, stratified random sampling. ratio and regression estimates.

Prerequisites: STAT 380 or IMSE 321 or permission.

Course Offered:

Statistics 430
Sensory Evaluation
(3 credits) Lec 2, lab 3

Description: This course is designed to give students an introduction to the area of sensory evaluation. Students will learn how to design an industrial project and conduct basic sensory evaluation tests with emphasis on difference/similarity and acceptance/preference tests: they will also be given brief exposure to descriptive analysis. All tests conducted will be accompanied by intense statistical design analysis, interpretation and presentation of data.

Prerequisites:  STAT 218.

Course Offered:  Cross listed FDST 830

Statistics 432
Introduction to Spatial Statistics
(3 credits) Lec, lab

Description: Spatial point patterns, test of randomness, Morans I statistic and similar measures, checking assumptions for independence of observations, variography, estimation (point and global), Kriging, nearest neighbor technicques, cokriging, mixed models and their role in designed spatial experiments.

Prerequisites:  STAT 218 or equivalent.

Course Offered: 

Statistics 450
Introduction to Regression Analysis
(3 credits)

Description:   General linear models for estimation and testing problems, analysis and interpretation for various experimental designs.

Prerequisites:  STAT/MATH 380 OR IMSE 321; Knowledge of Matrix Algebra.

Course Offered:

Statistics 462
Distribution Theory
(3 credits)

Description:  Sample space, random variable, expectation, conditional probability and independence, moment generating function, special distributions, sampling distributions, order statistics, limiting distributions arid Central limit theorem.

Prerequisites:  MATH 208 or 107H; STAT 380 or equivalent is strongly recommended.

Course Offered: 

Statistics 463
Introduction to Mathematical Statistics 1: Statistical Inference 
(3 credits)

Description:  Interval estimation point estimation, sufficiency, and completeness; Bayesian procedures; uniformly most powerful tests; elements of analysis of variance and nonparametric tests.

Prerequisites:  STAT 462

Course Offered: 

Statistics 468
Topics in Statistics and Probability
(3 credits per sem, Max 24)

Description:  Special topics in either statistics or the theory of probability.

Prerequisites: Permission

Course Offered: 

Statistics 469
Independent Study

Description: Special project or reading program under the direction of a staff member in the department.

Prerequisites: Prior arrangement with individual faculty member and completion of proposed plan to departmental office.

Statistics 494
Topics in Statistics and Probability
(3 credits)

Description:  Special topics in either statistics of the theory of probability.

Prerequisites: Permission.

Statistics 496
Undergraduate Statistics Project



Prerequisites: Permission.

Course Offered: